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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  April 29, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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approaches. good evening. i'm jessica agguire. >> and i'm raj mathai. >> a warning from state fire officials. the wet winter has pushed back the opening fire season but don't be fooled. things will dry up quickly. how one family is protecting themselves. >> reporter: dry brush is a fuel for wildfires and you don't have to go farther than the oakland hills to know how devastating those fires can be. in 1948, newlyweds build their home perched atop the oakland hills with their own hands,
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literally. wildfires consumed the area taking with it 3,000 homes, including theirs. >> you know you can fix it but we did more on that house and it was built and we thought it would endure. and the walls were still up. and we came up and i said, oh, and then we tapped the block and it just came apart. >> it's estimated that just half of the fire survivors stayed and rebuilt. this time, trying to do it better, smarter, like using a material called raw struck for the walls. >> it's a combination of styrofoam and it's just impervious to fire. >> the best thing you could do
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is create 100 defensible space around your home. fire season is coming, whether we like it or not. >> last year was not so busy fire season. the brush was dry. the brush is still there. with more brush added to it. so now is the time to clear it. >> the mcgees kept the need for a clearing clutter-free yard while designing their new home. the house has become her sanctuary since henry died four years ago and admits the start of every fire season brings with it some anxiety. >> every september i go through -- i'm just on pins and needles. because you know it can happen again. you read about the tornadoes and the hurricanes every place has something. we're willing to take our chances. >> right now is the time to clear out your yards. don't wait until it's too late.
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cal fire will start staffing the bay area stayings on may 16th. nbc bay area news. >> an el cerrito man is spend saved after spending days trapped in his car. jodi hernandez, i have done that drive and white knuckled it up and down that parkway. >> reporter: yeah, it's very dangerous out here, jessica. that hero ranger says he was doing what he was trained to do. he doesn't feel like a hero but the man he saved probably thinks otherwise the park ranger is getting a lot of kudos tonight. he was driving along this morning when he spotted the
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glimmer of a car. >> i happened to see a car and immediately told my partner to pullover. >> as hi partner called for help, flores jumped into action, hiking down the steep hill looking for victims. >> about 200 feet, steep ravine, and there was a guy in the car and i opened the door and he was okay. and he said, hi, and i said, hey, you're going to be all right. >> reporter: he had been there for days. his family reported him missing monday evening. rescuers pulled him to safety using rope pulleys and a basket. >> he didn't seem injured. he seemed really tired. thirsty. that was the main thing. he wanted a sip of water badly. >> reporter: the ranger says he's happy for a thankful
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ending. he admits he was very nervous when he found the man. >> scared that he might not be okay. but then astonished to see that he was okay and said hi. >> reporter: now, he's recovering at a local hospital. we're told his wife and daughter are at his side and he is listed in stable condition. in the meantime, that hero park ranger is probably on his way home. he got off work about half an hour ago. after that rescue, he spent the afternoon finishing up his regular ranger duties here at the park. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 6:00, a spring of burglaries in the east bay. it's one of the most safest neighborhoods but now residents are on guard after a slew of residential break-ins. piedmont police say there have been 31 home burglaries since january and four just this week. in each case, the burglars knock
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on the front door. if no one answers, they break in. the burglars have made off with computers, tvs, and other electronics. >> one witness says she saw him going up to a door, going down the driveway and he then saw them come up to her driveway, made contact with him and he asked for so-and-so and said don't know who you are talking about and then they went off. >> reporter: the police chief is urging residents to keep their windows and doors locked. if you have an alarm system, make sure you set it. san jose police are agreeing to a 10% wage cut and the lower wage scale for new hires. the city is asking all employee unions for a 10% wage cut. the city works on closing a $100 million deficit while the union will offer help, it will
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probably not be enough. >> here we are working alongside these men and women for the past several years. we agree to give up 10% to save their jobs and still know that despite doing that, they are still going to lay them off. >> for the police, the 10% cut should save jobs that would be eliminated. 106 jobs will be saved. if the council approves it, it will be before the union for a vote. the city has had to cut budgets each of the years and has different scenarios and cutback suggestions for every city department hundreds of jobs are at stake in oakland.
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a pitching coach for the at lan it and the braves are investigating roger mcdoul's verbal rant at an at&t park last weekend. he has apologized in a statement but the team has still perched him. they are waiting to hear from the team before deciding on possible penalties. fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a building fire. people are already working there for the first time and managed to get out unharmed. it started near 20th and a. it believed to have been started in the attic. the cause is still under investigation. >> more trouble for pb and e its record keeping was called into question for writing key
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documents in erasable ink. the documents reveal that authorities discovered the practice back in 2007 through audits of pg&e. in response, the utility has ordered all records to now be written in permanent ink going forward. a 13-year-old boy is one of two teens arrested in a violent home invasion. the teens accused of breaking into a home on the 900 block early yesterday morning. 19-year-old michael and 13-year-old boy confronted four victims with a handgun and demanded cash. a struggle broke out. one of the victims was pistol whipped and another able to escape and call 911. investigators believe that was gang-related. a way to kick off round two of the stanley playoffs. a live look now at the sell out crowd making its way inside. in about 45 minutes the sharks will take on the detroit red
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wings in game one of the seven game series. broed dee, good to see you. a lot of people excited about this series. what do the players have to say? >> raj, they are very excited. they know that it's a very different red wings team than they faced last year. they have faced each other three of the last five years here in the conference semifinals. the shocks getting the this year two very different teams going into this matchup. the head coach saying you can't look back on last year and anything that happened in the past as for anything that will happen in the future. look for them to be better defensively in the second round than they were in the first round. san jose did such a good job, got on that hot street, thanks to a good defensive play and away from that in the first round of the post season, hoping to get back to it from detroit. >> you're the guy and the sharks
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doing the interviews during the game. ever get upset with you? >> reporter: only if i ask a dumb question. it's very tough. it's a tricky situation. you've got to know the audience. but i think we all have a pretty good working relationship and it's not like i'm doing 60-minute type questions. we're going for the stuff that makes everybody looks good. 60 minutes is a different network, isn't it? >> yes. >> we see the playoff which is a hockey tradition. everywhere around the nhl, it's the loudest team in the league s that true? >> reporter: it is, raj. i'll tell you why. coming from a different arenas, very big and last week the staple center in los angeles, also a very big building and the crowd there is loud but there's something nice and intimate. it seats 17,562 but it's in such
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a small space the fans feel like they are on top. the home advantage can be used in san jose favor. and in terms of the playoff, i don't know what you're talking about. i have this year round now. it's such a good luck. >> i know you know your stuff. >> 17,562, the capacity at the shark tank. game two is on sunday. thanks, brody. >> it didn't look like he was bruised. a landmark court decision that could help save lives. your tax dollars can be put towards stem cell research and what some scientists are calling the victory, the tractors are calling murder. i'm scott budman. coming up, silicon technology and social networking helpsing victims of the tornadoes on the ground and online. >> this community has been hit by the foreclosure prices. now all of a sudden the banks are stepping up to really
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actually snoom a. a beacon of help in the south bay. how hundreds of homeowners are getting much needed home help this weekend. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're gearing up for the wine country festival. we'll talk about thatdon't you f a toast? >> beautiful. >> oh,ha
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president obama toured the ravaged alabama in air force one. on the ground, the president met e oonne with victims. carrying a promise to them. >> i want to make a commitment to the communities here that we are going to do everything we can to help the communities rebuild.
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>> the president declared alabama a disaster zone. a total of 313 people have died. in alabama alone, 210 people lost their lives to those storms. under the 1700 that have been injured, millions are still without power. well, the tornadoes are thousands of miles away but many are turning to the silicon valley for help. scott? >> the south is turning to the bay area. some of the technology is helping families recover what they lost and even find each other. with so much damage to sort through, the south got some help from silicon valley. technology from skype to communicate with each other, pages set up on facebook to help each other find each other through pictures. >> natural disasters are a really good example where people can connect with each other and
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over time it tells a story and also provides real aid. >> reporter: tens and thousands of people taking the time to look through countless memories found through the rubble as facebook pages become both detective and reuniter. >> it's been happening before facebook came along. facebook allows it to happen in scale. >> so they are able to use these technologies to reach out much faster. >> reporter: a similar message at skype headquarters where they are grateful for the chance to reach out, even when phone lines failed. >> when public switched networks or telephones are down, they need to getne in touch with the family and friends and often data networks are still available. that's why i think a lot of people are relying on technology like skype. >> reporter: technology still cannot completely pretornadoes or protect us from them. but it can help people get back in touch with what is important.
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as of a few minutes ago, the facebook page that we showed you had been liked by 53,000 people with lots of photos, books, and documents, still looking for their owners. jessica? >> thank you, scott. while the price of gas continues to rise, it doesn't seem to be stopping people in california heading to the pumps. the prices jumped 3% in january compared to a year ago. it's the sharpest increase in more than two years. amazing considering the price of gas is 32 cents a gallon higher than it was in january of 2010. the board of equal look zags is reporting that more diesel is being sold despite it's 50 cents per gallon higher than it was a year ago. in the heart of the valley, more companies are coming back. the vacancy rates for high-end office space in downtown san jose has steadily decreased over the past several years. compared to 32% last year, and
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38% in 2009. the sobrato building is starting to see new tenants for the first time in almost a decade. when the bubble burst, most companies shunned the office buildings for lower campuses in areas like mountain view. let's head out to livermore where it's beautiful, it's nice. there's wine and, of course, jeff ranieri. >> that's where the beautiful people hang out. >> oh, now he's eating. >> jeff, you want to work tonight or should we just come back to you? >> reporter: okay. i'll do a little bit of work. i want to share with you where you can get in on this amazing action. we're gearing up for the livermore wine country festival. livermore has been producing wine since 1849. it's hard for me to talk. and joining us right now is the livermore downtown association and i've talked with you many times. it's going to be a great weekend. weather is looking perfect.
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>> thank you for that. >> you're welcome. tell us what people can experience here at the livermore wine country festival. >> it's our 20th year and we're celebrating everything. you can do shopping, shops, eat at our restaurants and outdoor patios. but we have wine tasting and new this year, craft brew tasting. >> wow. >> 30 craft brew to taste. these are the independents that you don't always see. these are award winning wines. >> and i also wanted to add, while there is wine and beer, there are plenty of things for your kids to do? >> yes. new this year, it's the ferris wheel. it's for the kids but we grown ups are going to want to do it, get a bird's-eye view of downtown. >> throughout this hour we have the minute to win it open auditions starting at 11:00 a.m. i think we need a little toast as we head into the amazing forecast. and as we look at that weather
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for tonight, winds picking up, northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. perfect weather to come on out and do the livermore wine country festival, this saturday and sunday. it all starts at 11:00 a.m. >> 11:00 a.m.n o both saturday and sunday running until 5:00 on saturday and 6:00 p.m. on sunday. as we head throughout tomorrow, we're looking at plenty of upper 40s and low 50s and then by 10:00 a.m. on saturday, yes, the weekend is finally here. low to mid-60s. it's going to get warmer inland. mid-60s right here in the east bay in livermore. by sunday, close to 80 and, yes, low to mid-80s coming up as we head throughout the weekend. another reason to toast yet again. we can't have enough toasting out here. nbc is the sponsor of the festival. look at this. this tha is tiffany in the middle. she's the casting director for minute to win it.
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we're going to give our try at a minute to win it game. i just have one thing to say, though. if you work for nbc, jessica and raj, you are automatically disqualified. so you have to have your friends come out. >> stacking cup, i'm good at that. we do that at my house all the time. >> eating and drinking at the livermore wine festival. thanks, jeff. thank you. just ahead, you don't have to be in london to get into the spirit. next at 6:00, how people across the bay area dawned their finest to watch the royal wedding.
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the royal wedding sealed
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with a kiss. the audience, more than two billion people. after months of build up, the wedding of the century is now in the history books. katrina middleton married prince william this morning. an estimated -- more than an estimated two million people lined up. 2 billion watching worldwide. let me clear that up. there was sweet intimate moments, you look beautiful, kate saying, i'm so happy when they sat in the coach. a silk sarah burton gown. >> she is beautiful and looked amazing. >> there were a lot of tears, actually. once man and wife, the couple climbed to the open top carriage, the same one used by charles and diana. the wedding was sealed with two
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kisses on the balcony. the company then drove from the pal behind an aston martin. >> she looked smashing. the excitement crossed the pond and landed right here in the bay area. many people who sent in got to watch at a location fit for a king and queen. >> almost 200 guests arrived at the palace hotel in san francisco this morning excited to celebrate the wedding of the century. >> what inspired you to be here today? >> love. >> these four friends from danville, donning matching hats. >> we just thought it would be fun to participate in any small way that we could. >> reporter: the royal wedding viewing party and breakfast gave guests the chance to watch the
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historic ceremony on a big screen while enjoying traditional british bites. >> we thought it would be a good thing to do, given the natural setting. >> on the menu, deck ka dend o'dourves, coddled egg, baked beans, and for dessert, a four-tiered carrot cake. >> this is what kings and queens would eat for breakfast. >> the british council regal event like this one makes sense. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> the royal celebration happened in the south bay today.
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they came to honor the duke and duchess with what else? a interest traditional tea. and in a way it's beautiful, fun, and a joy cows occasion. still to come at 6:00, the ethical battle is heating up over stem cell research. plus, a president obama visits sparking more than a few protests. why this has the white house lashing out at the media. we'll tell you why. breaking nea
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fire in walnut creek. firefighters are responding to a fire at a town home. this came into the newsroom within the last 20 minutes. it's a two-alarm fire near rocks see lane and oak park boulevard. there are no reports of any injuries at this point. it's a two-alarm fire west of 280. we'll go back to the story as needed throughout the next 30 minutes. well, a landmark decision which overturned an earlier court ruling, a u.s. appellate court ruled that the obama administration can use federal tax dollars to fund human embryotic stem cell research. the decision overturns earlier court rulings and between those who favor and oppose stem cell research. dr. bruce is live in burbank with more. this is huge.
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it is huge and there have been some measures in california that causes a result at that time the governor schwarzenegger's decision to actually fund some of the research but research is held back on embryotic cells because they didn't know how long that would go on. we have been using stem cells from organs and umbilical cords for other treatment but when it comes to the nervous system, you're about to see embryotic cells may be the only hope and the researcher we spoke to said this decision could save many lives. >> reporter: he's trying to solve a problem that has so far alluded scientists. lou gehrig's disease, als, in which you gradually lose all muscle control and become completely paralyzed. >> sometimes i'mvil really upse.
6:33 pm
why does this have to happen to us, to my father. >> a groundbreaking treatment for the disease, he's been unable to use embryotic cells until now. >> it's more powerful than adult stem cells in that it can make any tissue fairly decent. >> reporter: as a result of today's court of appeals decision, federal funding for research may be used on embryotic stem cells taken from fertility labs. many researchers may be able to reverse other diseases as well. like alzheimer's and parkinsons and help paralyze people. >> those are the only cells that can make the cells that are lost and bringing up the stem cells through the lifting of the injunction will allow it to use a stem cell with federal support and money and move through the clinical trials much faster under those conditions. this is why it's an important day for science and ultimately
6:34 pm
could be an important day for patients. >> there may be much opposition and the debate is sure to range. i want to be clear, this is still a theory. we don't know that embryotic stem cells will do a better job in the nervous system but nerves regenerate. when it comes to al timers and there's no question that it will speed up but it will speed up the debate as well. we'll stay on top of it for you and keep you up to date on progress and research but it's a landmark day. for nbc news, i'm dr. bruce hensel, bay area, back to you in the studio. a relative of the cold war was carried across the bridge today. the surface to air long-range missile will be on display at
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the half moon airport as part of the pacific coast dream machine show which is this sunday. it's billed as a show case of motorized mechanical marvels from the 20th and 21st centuries. a feud growing between the white house and "san francisco chronicle." ♪ the chronicle maintains that the white house is upset that it posted this video on its website. protesters interrupted president obama at the fundraising at the hotel when he was here during his visit on april 21st. the chronicle is part of a print-only pool. the white house says it violated rules by shooting videos and
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putting it online. state wildlife officials are looking at dozen of dead sharks washing up on the peninsula. the california department of fish and game is sending a biologist to redwood city where residents are finding dead leopard carcasses on the shoreline. the causes range from release of pollutants by industry to infections. california democrats say this is going to be a tough year for the democratic party. state delegates met with elected leaders in sacramento for their annual convention. leaders say the party needs to kick into high gear for 2012. >> we are trying to retake the house. >> california and organizers say
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they are prepared for 3,000 guests and elected officials try again and they scrubbed the highly anticipated lift off. the reason, a heating failure in a critical power unit. president obama still traveled to kennedy space center where he met with the shuttle astronauts as well as gabrielle giffords. this is her first trip out of the hospital since shot in january. her husband, mark kelly, is the commander of this mission. >> she is doing well. >> the current launch window will close next wednesday. crews hope that the endeavor will be repaired before that point. >> a chance for home improvement in the south bay for free? coming up, volunteers are
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expected to roll-up their sleeves and go to work. they are not even close or old enough to vote. these bay area elementary students got a chance to see what goes on at the capital up close and personal. next, the lessons that tar br i am a sneeze whisperer.
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i am an allergy analyst. bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decoder. chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.
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east san jose that has been critical of the foreclosure crisis. >> the group is now teaming with wells fargo to beautify teams on the east side to make sure residents stay in their homes. >> we're going to take care of all of this for her. this is a -- he sh has someone to come and get her things but they never really finished the jobs. >> this is a volunteer and the homeowner is elderly, early hospitalized and on a fixed income. >> we're going to put a railing
6:41 pm
up right here. she has a little bit of trouble with walking. it would be nice to walk safer. >> almost 11,000 volunteers will repair and rebuild more than 250 homes in northern california. wells fargo is lending a hand in the san jose mayfair neighborhood along with state grant money and people power. >> many of these people, because of the economy, cannot do normal repairs. >> reporter: the group says it is glad to see wells fargo roll-up its sleeves. >> it's a change, right? i mean, this community has been hit by the foreclosure crisis. and now all of a sudden the banks are stepping up to help people in their homes. >> and that's what they hope to do with this home. he was preparing his fence when he lost his job and now he has no money to finish it so volunteers will do it for him. loyal hopes his kids will learn about giving when they see volunteers at their door step this weekend and in the future.
6:42 pm
damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> well, in may fair alone, volunteers will help rebuild and repair ten homes. >> it's drug take back day. it will happen in communities across san francisco. they are hosting the event at all district stations. consumers can safely get rid of medicines which are expired or unwanted. collection containers are for pills only. it's a way to avoid environmental hazards. okay. less than 20 minutes away from game time for the sharks. we're back in a moment with brody who is covering tonight's game. back in a moment. was an up clo
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at the budget battle for fourth graders at the capital. the lesson they learned? closing the gap may be harder than they thought.
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>> reporter: 9-year-old jasmine was from pleasanton fourth grader to california state senator with a proposed bill to extend the year. >> then we have to vote. >> and like her valley view classmates, senator jazzy got a real life lesson in partisan politics. >> so, unfortunately, the measure fails by a vote of 19-7. who better to help these eager would-be lawmakers than various state senator joe whose handsfree cell phone bill died year after year on the senate floor after finally passing and becoming law. political perseverance that is often lost. >> and you know that sometimes just because you have a good idea the first time it doesn't happen. >> it's really difficult because they have to get enough people.
6:46 pm
>> they took time off from the budget to put the normally uncool curriculum to light. and earning an a-plus from the teacher. >> you empower the kids because not only are you teaching the curriculum but you are bringing them to a place where things are actually happening. >> and in the process perhaps creating a new generation for california voters inspired by generations past to do the people's work. >> it meant a lot to me to be in this actual place. >> and we have a very good government. >> very important to me because without them we wouldn't have the laws and without laws our place would be like a disaster. >> from the mouth of babes. now you can see more about the kids and this weekend on class action gold medal winner kristi
6:47 pm
yamaguchi joins us to talk about her foundation and her book on sunday on "class action" at 9:30 a.m. okay. one of the other things happening this weekend, one of the coolest things happening in livermore, the wine festival. >> reporter: there is beer and wine and an app to download to plan your trip out before you get here. the thing you cannot miss is the nbc pavilion boot. >> you're with minute to win it? >> yes. >> reporter: and anyone can come
6:48 pm
out? >> anyone can come out. we just need someone over 18. >> reporter: they always have a line, right? >> we do. but we'll feed absolutely anybody and everybody that shows up. >> and tiffany, she set us up with a mini version of a game so this is a race off, right? >> yes. >> so what are we going to play? >> this is called moving on up. we've got to do it under a minute. go, three, two, one. go. >> these cups are always the best, aren't they? >> they are. >> reporter: one hand. i think i cheated. >> are you having fun?
6:49 pm
>>. >> going over there. >> cameron, nice work. maybe you'll be on the show. you never know. tiffany, you've got to hook them up. thank you so much. you're from the bay area, too. >> i am. >> say hi to your mom. >> hi, mom. >> thank you so much. if you're auditioning, let me know. >> i will. >> okay. of course as we continue here for quite a while, it's going to be the weather with mostly partly cloudy skies as we head throughout the night and temperatures dropping into the 40s and the 50s. as we head into the weekend, some of the best weather we have had in weeks for the weekend. back with us, and even some 80-degree weather in the forecast, high pressure building off shore and that will help to clear things out and by
6:50 pm
tomorrow, 07s. it's 74 in san jose and 73 in fremont and in the north bay, livermore, wine country festival tomorrow. we'll start with temperatures in e 50s and it's going to warm up quickly by 1:00 p.m. minute to win it auditions. nbc pavilion. first at l street. saturday only. so if you come out sunday, we're not doing the auditions. temperatures in the low 80s. of course, we have the forecast. how are you doing? >> they are doing pretty good. you're going to be one of the hottest days. how are you doing? what are we looking at for wednesday? did you get that. it's going to be nice. >> it's wonderful. it's nice and sunny.
6:51 pm
>> okay. there you go. there's the forecast. wonderful, nice, and sunny. all right. back to you guys. it's going to be a lot of fun at the livermore country festival. >> we've got to work on your minute to win it strategy. >> now it's getting cute. >> look at that guy. >> help me next time. >> i think the dog would be better next time. >> turn our attention to sports now. >> well, you know what is happening, the sharks are buzzing with excitement. >> we're minutes away from round two of the playoffs. you ready for this? >> i am. let's go to brody who has the story, rivalry based on respect. >> reporter: the sharks and red wings met over the last five years. there's a definitely rivalry but it doesn't exactly involve
6:52 pm
hatred yet. >> i think both teams understand that we're here to play the game and i'm sure it's resip pra kol. is there a hatred there? it's a different type. i don't think -- i know that detroit isn't -- they are not getting involved that way. some of that emotion, if you will, doesn't exist that way and there's a lot of similarities in the way the teams play and the way that they are built and the only difference is they have a couple more cups than we do. we're going to try to change that in this series gli woke up and for goat the last time we
6:53 pm
had a game. we had three or four days off. so we have to jump on them early. it's going to be a tough series. we're going to start it with a win at home. >> we just want to get right back on it and play the next night and there are strengths and weaknesses and right now a lot is being made of the differential between these two teams. they went six games against the los angeles kings in the first round. in the meantime, they have not played a game in nine days after sweeping the phoenix coyotes. the concern is this, h too much rest led to rust? i'm brody brazil. >> okay. he knows what he is talking about. he's the sharks side line reporter. we can watch when the game begins. coverage of every bay area team. they've got it every night at 10:30, a full 30 minutes of coverage.
6:54 pm
go deep with sportsnet central. it's not just the sharks. big news for the raiders and 49ers. the entire nfl season is still in season. a federal appeals court overturned a ruling that lifted the lockout. what does that mean? the lockout is back in place. the owners and players union still at odds. the 49ers traded up nine spots to get nevada quarterback colin, the 36th overall pick. he's a big guy. led nevada to four con second bowl games. and the raiders kept it in the family. an offensive line man for penn state, taken with the 48th overall pick. >> well, we will be right back. first, the bay area breakers had to curve the new rules for
6:55 pm
drinkingki a some of the wild stuff happening there.
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6:57 pm
the third sunday in may, nude runners and organizers are hoping that it will be more sober with sobering tents along the route. it's an alternative to going to jail. it included 26 ambulance trips to the hospital and unruly drunks. this year's race, zero tolerance for alcohol. so bring your crazy costumes,
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come naked, but do not bring alcohol. >> have a good night. [ jerry ] look at this! you got a state-of-the-art man-cave, but the savings account of a cave-man! hey sports fans check this out. [ beep ] oops, my bad. earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! ooh, 3-d! instead of earning bupkus, your savings could be earning three times the national average! three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ]
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